Potlatch as Pedagogy

Potlatch as Pedagogy by Sara & Robert Davidson

What is the 5MM Bookclub?

Welcome to the Five Moore Minute Bookclub! Join us at 9 am (PST) on Instagram Live Monday through Saturday, for our daily book chat (and occasional rant)!

How do I Join the 5MM Book Club?

1. Follow 5MM on Instagram (@fivemooreminutes)

2. Get a copy of the book, any format works! To order the book, check out The 5MM bookshelf

3. Tune in at 9 am (PST) Mon-Sat for the Instagram Live chat

4. If you can’t make the LIVE book chat, all episodes are archived on The Five Moore Minutes YouTube channel

Potlatch as Pedagogy Recommended Resources

5MM Book Club Inspirations

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